St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
Prime Minister's Message

“A good leader is the one who not only creates a spark but also fires the hearts of the ones around here”.

I have been entrusted with one of the most prestigious and honorable posts that a Peterian could wish for. But, being the Prince Minister of St. Peter’s does not make me better than the rest of my school mates. In-fact it does not give me authority over anyone at all having this post endows upon me a great deal of responsibility instead of authority.

Anyone who upholds the name of this esteemed institution by his actions deserves to be a leader. It’s easy to make targets but rather arduous to achieve them. Many of us soon sway from our paths before getting success and that is what makes us weak. No road to success is ever easy but once we stop deterring from our ways then the journey would surely be brief.

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”. This quote is probable applicable to all. What should be remembered is that people only try and pull you down when they know are they incapable of reaching those heights. So whenever you are being held back then consider yourself to be on the right track.

My message to all would be to adopt virtues from competent men, while letting your own aspiration and dreams to be compact. Each personality is different and no-one should be ashamed of his individuality. “You won’t be great if you want to be, you will be so when you follow your dreams”.

Thanking you

Garvit Kumar
Prime Minister
St. Peter’s College