St. Peter’s College, Agra, founded in 1846, is an unaided Christian Minority Institution owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Agra education society, Wazirpura, Road, Agra, a Registered Charitable and Educational Society and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate...
Prime Minister's Message

“Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”

I, Kalptaru Agarwal, am honoured to have been elected as the Prime Minister of the Student’s Parliament of St. Peter’s College for the academic session 2018-19. The post of being the ‘first among the equals’ is a dream post for most of the students of the college and to have been entrusted with it, is a moment of delight for me. It has been due to the support of my Alma Mater which has developed my personality throughout these consecutive 11 years.

St. Peter’s College moulds the personality of every student in a way that the students of this institution does not only possess the qualities of discipline, respect and generosity but also the feeling of love, compassion and togetherness. The staff and management has been ever supportive and their consideration towards the students is commendable. I would state the lines of former President of Afghanistan, his Excellency Hamid Karzai who paid a visit to St. Peters a few months back, he said, “If I ever got a chance for my son to study in India, I would love and wish to send him to St. Peter’s College.”

The college has taught us the motto of PALMA NON SINE PULVERE, i.e., no reward without labour. It has enriched our lives with the purpose of dedication and hard-work. We must not believe on the concept of our destiny as our Destiny works on the basis of our efforts which solely depends on us. Always remember to work in the present towards your goal and not for future oriented results which are improbable- “Let’s make our FUTURE now and our DREAMS tomorrow’s Reality.”

Keeping an optimistic approach has been a key fundamental of my life. Have a positive outlook in your life and look out for positive future aspects in any situation. Like it is said:“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Follow the strategy of DECISION and DEDICATION. When you plan for something, try taking a correct decision and to be successful, show the dedication towards your decision. And you will always be enriched with delight of success.

Your uniqueness is the thing which makes you different from other. Don’t be a part of the crowd and that is what we are taught at St. Peter’s to stand out differently from the others. Be the first of your version to do a specific kind of thing. Following the above basis would work only and only if you work on your inner soul. Keep yourselves strong in this world as you must have heard, “To earn a reputation, it take years but to lose it, a second is enough.” Focus on your goals, be extraordinary and never get swayed away by any means.

Becoming the Prime Minister gives me a great deal of responsibility rather than authority over anyone. I want to convey that we all have an equal share in the society to contribute. We must give ourselves to this nation and to this planet. Our deeds should be for Mother Earth and our nation with selfless attitude.

I solemnly resolve that with the support of the management, staff, students and the elected Parliament of the collegecombined with my skills and aptitude, we will endeavour to take our magnificent institution to new glorious heights.

Thanking You,

Kalptaru Agarwal
Prime Minister
St. Peter’s College